Top Four Balance Toddler Games

Toddlers need plenty of practice with balance, they are after all trying to figure out the wide world of walking, running, and jumping.  You can facilitate learning these techniques in a four simple fun ways. 

Play Hide and Seek With Toys

Place a favorite toy under a cushion or blanket you have placed on the
floor.  Your toddler will have to bend down and lift the blanket and
find the prize, which takes skill to do.  They will thoroughly enjoy the peek a boo game too! 

Play Follow the Line

Take a roll of wide masking tape and make a pattern on the floor or
grass if outside.  Next have your toddler follow the line.  As they
practice and get better, encourage them to try to keep their feet on the line.  If you want to be very creative, place a prize or a special toy
at the end of the line!

Play Follow the Leader

Children love to imitate their caregivers.  Have them follow your lead
and add motor skills for them to perform as you go along.  Try walking
on one foot, crawling, standing up, jumping, touching your toes,
clapping hands above your head, and nearly anything you can think of. 
Adding funny faces and music is sure to make this game a favorite for
your tot. 

Toss the Ball

Finally, a great motor skill development is simply picking up and
tossing a ball,  You can find inflatable ones at nearly any store. 
This will make it easier for your toddler to pick the ball up and toss
it.  Who knew that playing catch could be so great for developing gross motor skills!

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