Toddler Activity: Color Orange Exploration!

Learning about colors are essential in toddlerhood. They will help your toddler develop into the wonderful child you want them to be. It is also a great time to introduce foreign and sign language because you are focusing on a single concept like a colors.

Spanish: There are two different ways of saying 'orange' in Spanish.
The orange fruit is "naranja." The color orange is "anaranjado."
French: Orange
German: Orange

For a great orange activity for toddlers of all ages, make a orange collage. When working with a mixed group, have the older children cut out pictures with safety scissors things that are orange. Talk with the group about the color orange, using all the different languages. Have the smaller children glue the pictures one at a time onto your collage page. When finished, place the collage in an area that you can talk about it again throughout the week. This can be a great activity to practice cooperation. It requires everyone to work together to complete the task and encourages taking turns too. Patience is a hard thing to come by when you are two, so any activities that practice this are wonderful!

~Parenting Tip~
Food for the Picky Eater

Toddlers will like foods and dislike foods as quickly as the latest fad. With careful planning, you can make sure that they are still getting the nutrition they need.

Toddlers also seem to be hungry as soon as you begin to prepare dinner. They can never wait until it is time to eat. Although most would not recommend allowing grazing between meals, this tip can be a lifesaver. Have fresh vegetables or your protein on hand when preparing supper. In this way you can give your little one nibblets as you prepare the meal. You will no longer have to worry if they don't eat all their peas at supper, if they ate their portion ahead of time. Toddlers are also more apt to eat the foods you give them when there are not as many choices and they "believe" they are starving. Many times you will find a toddler that eat raw vegetable slices when Mommy is preparing a salad, but won't touch a salad once on their plate at dinner.

It can also be helpful to not provide your toddler as many choices at supper. For instance if your little one will always eat their pasta, but never the protein, don't fill their plate with the pasta. Instead, put only the protein on their plate. They will be more likely to eat it if it is the only option. The only problem is that this tip can be difficult if your toddler sees everyone else's plates. To remedy this, feed your child the difficult food right before everyone sits down. Then at dinner, they can have all the pasta they want and you can have the wonderful family dinner!

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Studies have shown that an average 24 month old toddler can say around 50 words. At any age, children can understand more words than they can say. During the third year of life, a toddler's "receptive vocabulary" will grow by a few thousand words!


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